A relevância estratégica da Venezuela a partir da perspectiva da segurança energética da China

Ticiana Amaral Nunes


The purpose of the article consists in analysing the tightening of the relations between China and Venezuela, since the beginning of 21th century, taking into consideration a geopolitical analysis. The article's hypothesis is that this phenomena has a geopolitical nature that is related to the search by the chineses of reducing their energetic vulnerability. That being said, the maintenance of the relations with Venezuela is considered strategic for three main reasons: two of them,  related to geographical aspects (its location in the globe and its abundance in oil reserves); the last refers to its political distance from United States influence. The analysis built over this metter tends to be superfluous sometimes, as it excludes non economical aspects. The methodology is composed by two main stages: a theoretical review of the geopolitics of energetic security in China, and an empirical section, analysing the main components of sino-venezuelan relations.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26556/1807-1260.v15.n30.p134-147.2018


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